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Bruce E.
Home Inspection. Boston, MA

Bruce, Owner of a Home Inspection business in Boston, Mass., knows how important it is to work well with local customers. In almost an instant, back in 2001, he lost everything – including his home inspection business. But he worked diligently with customer leads from our platform to successfully earn a steady flow of income for himself and his family. He was skeptical about joining a lead generation platform at first, however Bruce understood the changing world and took a chance and signed up for Free. Now, his targeted approach to Skillsetcity leads and his dedication to swift response times has paid off. His business are doing better than ever.

George A.
HandyMan, TN

George is the President of a local Handy Man company in Tenn. His current company has been in operation for 5 years, but his history in the industry and the breadth of his experience is much more expansive. For last few years – he was one of the largest remodeling contractors in his local areas. Then, as he was deciding to retire in Tennessee, a new location opportunity opened up. He took a chance on rebuilding his reputation on new terrain. By closely managing his lead flow, he has grown his business and maintained a remarkably low advertising and lead cost – and cut his work week back to two days. Remarkable!

Melisssa P.
Photography business

Melissa in Huntington Beach, Calif. runs a local Photography business after 2 years working in her field that took her all around the country. She wanted to work closer to home, and since then she’s found great success. Her photography business is continuing its fourth consecutive year of 35 percent growth, and she says her customer referral and loyalty has skyrocketed since she started using our low-cost customer leads services. “It’s been incredible to wake up in the morning to see all these interested potential customers in my email inbox! I mean it’s so easy to find new customers now. It costs me an average of $9 to reach out to potential customers. SkillSetCity has been an amazing service to easily find new customers for my growing business compared to other very high priced platforms out there in the marketplace”